Pauline o Flanagan1 year ago

No words to discribe how devastating this is for you and the family. I can tell Eoghan a strong determined young man . This is the test where Eoghan will need to dig deep and never give up trying . Your family and partner will clear away the debris but the digging is down to you Eoghan . My thought's and prayers are with you all. God... read more

LN2 years ago

Keep Getting Stronger Eoghan
Keep fighting and pls know how much support, goodwill ,good wishes and love people have for you and your family
Keep going Saoirse and all the Family
Your story touched me and many others too
So pls pls on the days that are dark and times ahead uncertain know we wish you all strength,light &Gra Mor
Give it socks !!

Amie R2 years ago

You are an inspiration and incredibly strong. We are all behind your recovery and can see how determined you are, thanks for letting us share your journey ey with you x

Sr Pius McHugh, Presentation Sisters, Warrenmount2 years ago

From Shani, Sarah and Mikey Gilberts Great Aunt Sr. Pius, Eoghan, you are in my thoughts and Prayers

Nathan Meade2 years ago

7:30am every morning getting the bus to school, while everyone was listening to music, eoghan would be listening to some motivational video; he’s a strong lad, mentally and physically, he always has been & i know he always will be. We’re all behind ya big man 🙏🏼

Jackie Cullen2 years ago

Keep Smiling Eoghan, you've a really great one!!!! Thinking of you x

Marian Glasgow2 years ago

Keep fighting Eoghan, you are amazing, stay strong ,we are all behind you.

Cathy Kelly2 years ago

Sending you all mountains hope & strength ❤️

Darra2 years ago

Hey eoghan.. I’m not sure if you remember me but I remember meeting you for the first and probably only time when I was really small. I remember being told about your love for bikes and sport and I really admire you. It won’t be an easy battle but you’re a fighter, always have been and always will be… we’re all here and we love you ❤️

Aoibhe2 years ago

Eoghan you’re an absolute gent and a great teammate and friend, inspired by your bravery, keep going champ 💪🏼❤️

Roisin Fetherston2 years ago

Keep fighting Eoghan you have so many people rooting for you. We lite a candle for you at mass today. You have a great supportive family thinking of you all ❤

Meta & John kinsella & family2 years ago

Best of luck with your recovery Eoghan!! Will pray for you & your family xx

Sandra Fitzgerald2 years ago

Eoghan u have amazing people around u helping and supporting u.. we will all do our best to help in any way we can.. stay strong . Best wishes.

Patricia and Micheal o reilly2 years ago

It was great to have the chats and the banter with you last night ur an inspiration keep smiling #fightwitheoghan #hamandcheesesandwhiches 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tracey Hickey2 years ago

Hi Eoghan
You are an inspiration, you are brave , strong and an amazing young man.
Rathcoole is behind you !!!

aoife dwyer2 years ago

amazed by your bravery! keep going 🤍

Gary2 years ago

Eoghan was a few years below me in school but always a nice bloke and good at sports. Keep moving forward , keep a positive mindset and keep a smile on your face.

Nicole Fitzmaurice2 years ago

Hi Eoghan,
I saw your story on social media and I think you are such a strong and inspirational person. Sending you so much love, you are amazing.

Kerri Kinsella2 years ago

So proud of you Eoghan, your strength is admirable and we are all behind you ♥️♥️♥️

Tracey Gilmartin2 years ago

Eoghan you continue to amaze us all every day with your determination and strength and we are thinking about you ever day and sending all our love ❤️

Megan Daly2 years ago

Eoghan I have always known you to be strong and courageous! You were always so kind to my sister and such a good friend to her. You will fight through this and we are with you!
Keep fighting 💪

Maeve Dolan2 years ago

Eoghan, you are a natural born fighter and you have so many people supporting you and your family right now. Sending all my love and prayers to you all and always here if you need a helping hand in any way.
You got this💪🧡

Siena2 years ago

You are so strong! Keep fighting Eoghan Clondalkin is rooting for you!🤞

Wendy kinsella2 years ago

Eoghan we are all so proud of you. You are an inspiration to us all. We are with you every step of the way .Stay strong love youxxxxx

Dean scanlan2 years ago

Know eoghan through fighting travel all over Ireland with him competing most genuine person you’ll ever come across ,an absolute tragedy what’s happened to him but the response and the donations being giving by everyone are very special and there going to a great person and helping a lovely family and wish nothing but the best for him all the love brother 💙✌🏿